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Freedom Liners for Intermediate Bulk Containers • IBC • Composite Totes • Steel Tanks Freedom Liners for Intermediate Bulk Containers • IBC • Composite Totes • Steel Tanks

Freedom Manufacturing LLC is committed to providing the Industrial Bulk Container Industry cost effective and innovative tote and tank liner products.

  • Using Freedom liners saves MONEY by eliminating tank cleaning costs and the cost to transport tanks to and from cleaning facilities.
  • Using Freedom Liners assures a clean tank for each and every fill. The entire internal tank surface is uncontaminated by prior usage and cleaning detergent residue.
  • Freedom Liners are custom manufactured to an exact fit for each individual IBC.
  • Freedom Liners allow rapid fill and unencumbered complete discharge through the bottom valve.
  • Freedom Liners are easy to install and remove requiring no special skills or elaborate tools.
  • Freedom Liners are eco-friendly and eliminate waste water pollutants associated with conventional tank cleaning methods and transportation vehicle emissions. Used liners may be treated as a simple solid waste product dependent upon liner contents.
  • Freedom liners are made from a variety of proprietary materials that are compatible with most solvents, paints, and adhesives. Liners are manufactured from the following film types:

    • Anti-static
    • Conductive
    • FDA Compliant
    • Ultra Violet (UV) Resistant
  • Freedom Liners provide the producer ultimate control of tank cleanliness, inventory, reliability to the customer, and most importantly - COST.

We are Inventors of the most successful IBC Liner.

Jon Lawrence is the Founder, President and CEO of Freedom Manufacturing LLC and has been the creative force throughout the development of the IBC liner. He is the author of U.S. Patent # 6,505,657.

Need a liner, don’t know where to start?

Freedom Manufacturing creates hundreds of liners for all types of applications, we can also build a custom liner for most any IBC tank. Contact us today for more information.