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Lead times are all dependent upon liner style and quantity.  Many of the common styles of liners are kept in stock as we receive orders daily which need to be shipped immediately.

Yes.  Freedom Manufacturing has been installing liners for customers since 2012. Typically this can be supplied from one of Freedom’s owned or partner facilities. We have also made arrangements to conduct this activity from customers’ locations. This is a great opportunity to dramatically reduce the cost of reusing containers by eliminating freight. For companies seeking to expand their sustainability goals into bulk packaging, this is the easiest program to accomplish. It can often be completed with no capital investment. Please contact us to design a program which is specific to your needs.

Because of the wide variety of discharge designs in IBC tanks and totes, there is no “one standard” method of accomplishing this task. Freedom has designed and patented many designs to make this seal air-tight/water-tight and has certified these designs through independent test laboratories to maintain UN certifications for the containers.

Again, there are a variety of containers so in each case the method is determined by the design. Each method is outlined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and typically starts by slightly tipping the container so that the residual flows away from the discharge opening.  In most every application, the removal of a liner can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

Quotes for existing products can be forwarded within twenty-four (24) hours.  Quotes on products that need development are solely dependent on the project.

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